Below are the rules and regulations of the Imam Al-Shatibi Quran Competition.

General Rules & Regulations

  • You must be a resident of North America (USA or CANADA)
  • You must register online with your parent or teacher
  • You must meet age limit requirement – See list below
  • You must provide proof of age by presenting copy of birth certificate or state ID

  • All registered contestants must show up and participate in the Quran competition
  • Category registered for is final; changes cannot be made

  • 1st place Winners from previous years in 30 Juz Can NOT compete in upcoming competitions for two years
  • 1st place Winners from previous years in other categories (1, 5, 10, and 15 Juz) must compete one level above
  • Islamic/Quran Institution that registers students who are not qualified will not be allowed to participate in future competitions
  • Quran Teachers can not register as contestants

If any of the above rules are not met, student will be disqualified automatically.

Age Limit Requirements:

  • 1 Juz (Juz Amma) : 10 Years old or under
  • 5 Juz : 16 Years old or under
  • 10 Juz : 18 Years old or under
  • 15 Juz : 20 Years old or under
  • 30 Juz : 25 Years old or under
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